Jackie takes a very thoughtful, thorough, and balanced approach to working with her clients. After being diagnosed with IBS, she gave me a step-by-step plan for making the dietary, training, and lifestyle changes I needed to cope with and adjust to a difficult situation. She cares a great deal about your success and is absolutely on your side.
— Barbara Kern (Rapid City, South Dakota)

Although I’m no longer a competitive athlete, staying fit is very important to me. I found the Performance Prescription after struggling with unexplained fatigue and weight gain issues that were not only interfering with my ability to enjoy exercise, but to function well at my job in the ER. In working with Jackie, I learned that my body had become too reliant on carbohydrates as a primary source of energy and that certain food sensitivities were compounding the problem. Even though I have always considered myself nutritionally aware and educated, I now see and understand food in a different light.
— Heather Brehmer, R.N. (Rushville, Nebraska)

I became interested in the Performance Prescription after a significant slump in my triathlon training and racing results. Despite my best efforts, I was consistently underperforming, frequently fatigued, had difficulty sleeping, and was struggling—not just to keep up with my training, but with my daily life. Working with Jackie, I discovered that my issues were linked to adrenal fatigue. After a few months of modifying my diet, re-evaluating my approach to training, and re-defining my personal health priorities, I’m feeling stronger. And I’m enjoying the overall balance I’ve achieved in my life.
— Amy Williams (Santa Barbara, CA)

As a personal trainer specializing in women’s fitness, my clients are focused on achieving the best possible results when I’m with them in the gym. But I know they are being pulled in all kinds of different directions the rest of the day. Juggling work commitments, family time, and training can become overwhelming and unhealthy. The Performance Prescription provides a plan for restoring balance and reclaiming control.
— Karen Wilk, Owner of Absolute Body Systems (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

As a 55-year-old Ironman triathlete, the Performance Prescription has made a tremendous difference in my ability to train and remain healthy. The information I have received has also helped me to understand the complex material in the fitness nutrition courses I’ve recently been taking. I love the program and would definitely recommend it.
— Lee Rinne (Calgary, Alberta)

I am currently training and racing as a professional triathlete. Thanks to finding the Performance Prescription and following a new and improved training program, I have experienced outstanding success—especially in the running portion of my races. My ability to train and race without gastrointestinal pain and complications has literally changed my life!
— Danielle Kehoe (Boulder, Colorado)