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Jackie Cruickshank-Cohen, M.A. PN, PHC 

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As a health-conscious athlete, I have always known that what I eat plays a key role in determining not only how I perform on race day, but how I feel every other day.

Still, after more than four decades of competitive success as a runner, multi-discipline cyclist, and triathlete, I know that my athletic achievements weren’t always the result of having an optimal nutrition plan in place. For many years, I faithfully subscribed to the established principles of sports nutrition, making grain-based carbohydrates the foundation of my diet. But I learned the hard way that that conventional wisdom isn’t always wise.

By the time I was in my mid 30’s, both my health and athletic performance were beginning to show the symptoms of a gradual, yet undeniable, decline. It all began with digestive difficulties that led to a stress hormone imbalance and, eventually, adrenal fatigue. Chronic inflammation, recurring knee injuries, and severe osteoarthritis almost permanently derailed my ability to run. After changing my diet, restoring my nutrient status, and modifying certain aspects of my lifestyle, I went on to compete as USAC category 1/2 cyclist, and as USAT and USATF All American.

If I can do it? You can do it!

Find Out What’s Right for You.

Improving my overall health and performance required a strategic—but simple—plan for eating, moving, and living well. Determining what’s right for your body will also be a process, one that I look forward to guiding you through.

While I can’t offer any instant or magical solution, I can offer a science-based, step-by-step process for identifying and understanding your body’s underlying needs—and achieving your personal health and performance goals.

A Little More About Me

In addition to a professional background that includes 27 years as a health educator and writer, I have more than a decade of health coaching experience working under the direction of a functional medicine specialist. I currently hold health coaching certifications from the Primal Health Institute, Precision Nutrition, and EliteHRV.

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Let’s Talk.

There is nothing I enjoy more than helping a fellow female athlete find her way back to peak health and performance. If you’ve been struggling to stay healthy, happy, and fit, find out what the Performance Prescription can do for you.

Get started by completing my free Symptom Survey and scheduling a few minutes to talk to me about your results.


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